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Our Certified Strategic Consultants

Serving others and caring for ourselves well.

The Self Care Agency has a proprietary Strategic Self Care and Strategic Business Care training program to prepare professionals to do more than just advise, coach or consult clients


All too often we have a powerful gift to help others yet we are missing the strategic approach to caring for ourselves and teaching our clients how to strategically care for themselves as well. Just having an "AH HA!" moment is not enough. Reading a good blog is not enough. Attending your coaching sessions and multiple workshops over and over again is creating momentum.


That momentum you have created for your business or your wellness deserves a centralized strategy customized to your specific needs. That is what our consultants do very well. Specializing in various disciplines from psychology, mental yoga, womb wellness, legal representation and business advisement. 

Read about them below... contact them... "date" before you get married to any advisor but take the first step and schedule something.  

Meet Your Strategic Self Care  or Bsuiness Care Consultant

Our Clients

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