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Boat Tv Antenna Installation

A cable is supplied to work with 12 volts. If you plan to use it in a home (as I do) and not an rv or boat, you will need an adapter for the signal amplifier. They are not expensive, mine is for 120v 60hz, and puts out 12 volts at 150 ma. I leave it on 24/7 and have had no problems. Best wishes. By Ben on November 2, 2016no, it has to be wired up to a 12 volt system. Mark S. Douglas answered on November 3, 2016

Boat Tv Antenna Installation

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I put this antenna on top of 900 ft vessel and is working fine. Pick about 40 local channels. By Muhammad Sukarno on January 21, 2016This antenna is specially designed for marine, if you want a RV antenna, you caan buy our model: OUS00-0812, this one is specially designed for RV.1byone Team 1byone Service Team answered on March 31, 2016

No longer is satellite television reserved for yachts. Thanks to compact, rugged and sophisticated marine satellite TV antennas from companies such as Intellian ( and KVH/TracVision (, boats as small as 20 feet in length can access HDTV channels from the likes of DirecTV and Dish Network while under way or at rest, provided they have 110-volt AC power.

1. Antenna MountingChoose an elevated and level location clear of obstructions. Mount the dome above any ra