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Fallout 4 Hunger Thirst Sleep Mod !!TOP!!

Fallout 4 Review We've now spent solid three months blasting our way through Fallout 4's vaults, factories and wastelands - of both the urban and rural varieties - and for some of us post-nuclear Boston is starting pretty familiar, as if it were our giant, stinking irradiated backyard. In fact, you could say that things have got a little bit too comfortable for wasteland wanderers these days, as we've repopulated all the possible settlements throughout the land, cranked our power armours to the max, and have raiders fleeing at the sight of us. If you're looking to reignite that sense of fear and trepidation you had when first playing Fallout 4, then you need to turn it into a bit more of a survival game, where hunger and thirst are constant worries, radiation could prove lethal, and a single stray bullet could end your life. Thankfully, the community surrounding Fallout 4 is as active as with any Bethesda game, and there are plenty of mods out there to make it a bit more like the much-loved Hardcore mode of Fallout: New Vegas. Want your experience to be more of a struggle for survival? Sure you do, and these mods will make it so... 7. Hunger, Thirst And Sleep Deprivation

Fallout 4 Hunger Thirst Sleep Mod

FWE features a fully customizable (and disable'able) primary needs mod for hunger, thirst, and sleep. In addition to controlling how often (and how much) you need to eat, drink, or sleep, the mod also controls how sleeping affects health recovery and how food and water restores health (or not). When the game loads, the configuration menu will run. You can re-access this menu by HOLDING the keypad enter key for a few seconds or through the FWE Control Panel under the "Primary Needs" option on the main menu. The configuration menu allows you to choose health recovery on rest, food and drink healing, the rate of how quickly you get hungry/thirsty/sleepy, and how much you need to eat/drink/sleep to reduce your needs levels.